Letting go of the past as a way to unleash hope and possibility in the present

So I’m doing a meditation series with Deepak Chopra and Oprah.  I’ve done a series before and I love it.  It’s 21 days, has a set theme, and starts with about 5 to 6 minutes of talking about a specific idea related to the theme followed by a 20 minute meditation.  It’s simple, grounding, and totally uplifting.  Plus you get to listen to Deepak’s voice which is the best—some combination of soothing, commanding, reassuring, and sexy—I would trust him with my life and spiritual education based on that voice alone.  The last Oprah/Deepak series I did with them was about getting unstuck and finding flow and creative energy in your life. This one is about finding hope in uncertain times.  It’s been eye opening for sure—some very simple ideas that on some level you know you know but you hear it and it totally opens your mind and makes you see things in your life and yourself in a different way.  The underlying principle of this series is that tapping into hope frees you from the control of your fears and anxiety, changes the way you are seeing things, and allows good things to come into your life.   The present can be new and fresh, full of opportunity and possibility, but sometimes we let it be ruled by experiences and wounds of the past.  When we do this things can be pretty limited and stagnant and have an energy of anxiety and fear.  The teaching of this meditation experience is a beautiful follow up  to my conversation with Dr. Parker from Remedy Medspa where we talked about how our stories determine our health and outlook and therefore what is possible for us.  Deepak’s discussion of coming from a place of hope as a way to drop the baggage of the past is a great method to practice some of the ideas that Dr. Parker emphasized such as forgiveness and letting go of the past. i.e., our story.  I always get excited when things connect and weave together and this notion that our stories determine so much of our reality, choices, and health underlies both the Deepak meditation and Dr. Parker’s approach to health and wellness.

Deepak’s helpful insights into our own behavior, and shifting to a place of hope are simple and effective.  One of the things that I found particularly useful (other than all of it!) is what to do when you see a pattern come up in your self or your reality that you recognize as no longer serving you.  He recommends going into present awareness without judgement, acknowledging what is happening and simply saying to yourself “I no longer need this.  I am a different person now”, then to sit with that awareness for a moment.  The reason that this little simple trick is huge is that if you are like me, you see something you don’t like in yourself and you hit the panic button, get overwhelmed, maybe even depressed at how disappointing you are as a person, and then tend to avoid that place or pretend it’s not there.  That is a powerless, stuck, and energy sucking place.  Deepak’s suggestion is a breath of fresh air.  So I leave you now with 2 suggestions/ideas other than to participate in Deepak’s free sessions with Oprah or even to purchase them.

1.  Develop a playful and curious attitude with everything in life, including the less flattering parts of yourself.  If you can come up with a phrase that brings you to that space even better.   I have liked using “oh so there’s that part of me.”  And know that it is a part of you, your ego, or your past coming up…not actually you as in your identity and highest self.  We all have it.  It’s not who we are.  It’s just baggage we’ve collected.

2.  It is not the dysfunction in ourselves, in others, in life and situations but your relationship to it that is either serving you or not, healthy or not, empowering or disempowering.  If you are not where you want to be, start thinking about what that might be or feel like and find ways to put that into practice little by little.  Change doesn’t usually happen overnight.

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