Why losing your patience can be a good thing.

I’m one of those people who has a tendency to be a little too nice, a people pleaser, a little indecicive, a little wishy washy and not sure of what she wants…  but once in a while I’ll get pushed a little too far and something remarkable happens.  I lose my patience.  And it is the best thing ever.  Suddenly things are clear and solid.  I’m not too accomodating.  Decisions are instantaneous and confident.  I can clearly define what I want and what I don’t.  Instead of considering every perspective under the sun, I stand in my own shoes only.  I own it.  I’m efficient.  I”m ready.  Get in my way..I dare you.  With all the talk of loving kindness, patience, forgiveness sometimes I need a good ole “Get your head out of your ass.  I will slap you if you need me too!”  Stop making excuses for yourself and other people.

I keep coming back to “this is good”.  Who the fuck cares if this is good?!  That is not the point.  What are you working toward?  THAT is what matters.  I want every goddamn second and intention and action I take today and henceforth to be in alignment with where I want to get to in 5 years.


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